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  • Scheid LM, Mosqueira M, Hein S, Kossack M, Juergensen L, Mueller M, Meder B, Fink RH, Katus HA, Hassel D (2016)
    "Essential light chain S195 phosphorylation is required for cardiac adaptation under physical stress"
    Cardiovasc Res. 111(1):44-55
  • Forderer M, Georgiev T, Mosqueira M, Fink RH, Vogel M (2016)
    "Functional second harmonic generation microscopy probes molecular dynamics with high temporal resolution"
    Biomed Opt Express. 7(2):525-41
  • Schilling R, Fink RH, Fischer WB (2016)
    "Interaction of ions with the luminal sides of wild-type and mutated skeletal muscle ryanodine receptors"
    J Mol Model. 112(43):22(1):37
  • Cabello-Verrugio C, Ruiz-Ortega M, Mosqueira M, Simon F (2016)
    "Oxidative Stress in Disease and Aging: Mechanisms and Therapies"
    Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2016:8786564


  • Georgiev T, Zapiec B, Forderer M, Fink RH, Vogel M (2015)
    "Colocalization properties of elementary Ca2+ release signals with structures specific to the contractile filaments and the tubular system of intact mouse skeletal muscle fibers"
    PJ Struct Biol. 192(3):366-375
  • Zapiec B, Mombaerts P. (2015)
    "Multiplex assessment of th positions of odorant receptor-specific glomeruli in the mouse olfactory bulb by serial two-photon tomography"
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112(43):E5873-82
  • Vogel M, Wingert A, Fink RH, Hagl C, Ganikhanov F, Pfeffer CP (2015)
    "Enabling the detection of UV signal in multimodal nonlinear microscopy with catalogue lens components"
    Journal of Microscopy 260(1):62-72
  • Georgiev T, Svirin M, Jaimovich E, Fink RH (2015)
    "Localized nuclear and perinuclear Ca(2+) signals in intact mouse skeletal muscle fibers"
    Frontiers Physiology 6:263
  • Most P, Ritterhoff J, Völkers M, Seitz A, Spaich K, Peppel K, Pleger S, Zimmermann W, Friedrich O, Fink RH, Koch W, Katus H, Gao E (2015)
    "S100A1 DNA-based inotropic therapy protects against pro-arrhythmogenic ryanodine receptor 2 dysfunction"
    Molecular Therapy 23(8):1320-1330
  • Llanos P, Contreras-Ferrat A, Georgiev T, Osorio-Fuentealba C, Espinosa A, Hidalgo J, Hidalgo C, Jaimovich E (2015)
    "The cholesterol-lowering agent methyl-β-cyclodextrin promotes glucose uptake via GLUT4 in adult muscle fibers and reduces insulin resistance in obese mice"
    Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 308(4):294-305
  • Wieder N, Fink RH, von Wegner F (2015)
    "Exact Stochastic Simulation of a Calcium Microdomain Reveals the Impact of Ca2+ Fluctuations on IP3R Gating"
    Biophysical journal 108(3):557-567


  • von Wegner F, Wieder N, Fink RH (2014)
    "Microdomain calcium fluctuations as a colored noise process"
    Frontiers in genetics 5:376
  • Yeo LL, Wieder N, Wang AS, Ting E, Rathakrishnan R, Soon D (2014)
    "Pearls & Oy-sters: A cause of intractable vomiting"
    Neurology 83(15):e141-144
  • Wang YT, Schilling R, Fink RH, Fischer WB (2014)
    "Ion-dynamics in Hepatitis C Virus p7 helical transmembrane domains - a molecular dynamics simulation study"
    Biophysical Chemistry 192:33-40
  • Buttgereit A, Weber C, Friedrich O (2014)
    "A novel quantitative morphometry approach to assess regeneration in dystrophic skeletal muscle"
    Neuromuscular disorders 24(7):596–603
  • Jin S, Kim J, Willert T, Klein-Rodewald T, Garcia-Dominguez M, Mosqueira M, Fink R, Esposito I, Hofbauer LC, Charnay P, Kieslinger M (2014)
    "Ebf factors and MyoD cooperate to regulate muscle relaxation via Atp2a1"
    Nature communications 5:3793
  • Schilling R, Fink RH, Fischer WB (2014)
    "MD simulations of the central pore of ryanodine receptors and sequence comparison with 2B protein from coxsackie virus"
    Biochimica et biophysica acta 1838(4):1122-1131


  • Mosqueira M, Zeiger U, Förderer M, Brinkmeier H, Fink RH (2013)
    "Cardiac and respiratory dysfunction in Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the role of second messengers"
    Medicinal research reviews 33(5):1174-1213
  • Xu R, Andres-Mateos E, Mejias R, MacDonald EM, Leinwand LA, Merriman DK, Fink RH, Cohn RD (2013)
    "Hibernating squirrel muscle activates the endurance exercise pathway despite prolonged immobilization"
    Experimental neurology 247:392-401
  • Mosqueira M, Baby SM, Lahiri S, Khurana TS (2013)
    "Ventilatory chemosensory drive is blunted in the mdx mouse model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)"
    PLoS One 8(7):e69567
  • Wingert A, Seim H, Schürmann S, Fink RHA and Vogel M (2013)
    "Signal Efficiency in Gradient Index Lens Based Two Photon Microscopy"
    Open Journal of Biophysics 3(1A):43-50
  • Buttgereit A, Weber C, Garbe CS, Friedrich O (2013)
    "From chaos to split-ups – SHG microscopy reveals a specific remodelling mechanism in ageing dystrophic muscle"
    The Journal of Pathology 229(3):477-485


  • Wagner S, Knipp S, Weber C, Hein S, Schinkel S, Walther A, Bekeredjian R, Müller OJ, Friedrich O (2012)
    "The heart in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: early detection of contractile performance alteration"
    Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 16(12):3028-3036
  • Elsing C, Georgiev T, Hübner CA, Boger R, Stremmel W, Schlenker T (2012)
    "Extracellular ATP induces cytoplasmic and nuclear Ca2+ transients via P2Y2 receptor in human biliary epithelial cancer cells (Mz-Cha-1)"
    Anticancer research 32(9):3759-3767
  • Mosqueira M, Willmann G, Zeiger U, Khurana TS (2012)
    "Expression profiling reveals novel hypoxic biomarkers in peripheral blood of adult mice exposed to chronic hypoxia"
    PLoS One 7(5):e37497
  • Seyler C, Duthil-Straub E, Zitron E, Gierten J, Scholz EP, Fink RH, Karle CA, Becker R, Katus HA, Thomas D. (2012)
    "TASK1 (K(2P)3.1) K(+) channel inhibition by endothelin-1 is mediated through Rho kinase-dependent phosphorylation"
    British journal of pharmacology 165(5):1467-1475
  • Hong GS, Chen CP, Lin MH, Krüger J, Becker CF, Fink RH, Fischer WB. (2012)
    "Molecular dynamics simulations and conductance studies of the interaction of VP1 N-terminus from Polio virus and gp41 fusion peptide from HIV-1 with lipid membranes"
    Molecular membrane biology 29(1):9-25
  • von Wegner F, Wieder N, Fink RH (2012)
    "Simulation strategies for calcium microdomains and calcium-regulated calcium channels"
    Advances in experimental medicine and biology 740:553-567


  • Wieder N, Fink RH, von Wegner F (2011)
    "Exact and Approximate Stochastic Simulation of Intracellular Calcium Dynamics"
    Journal of biomedicine & biotechnology 2011:572492
  • Völkers M, Weidenhammer C, Herzog N, Qiu G, Spaich K, von Wegner F, Peppel K, Müller OJ, Schinkel S, Rabinowitz JE, Hippe HJ, Brinks H, Katus HA, Koch WJ, Eckhart AD, Friedrich O, Most P. (2011)
    "The inotropic peptide βARKct improves βAR responsiveness in normal and failing cardiomyocytes through G(βγ)-mediated L-type calcium current disinhibition"
    Circulation research 108(1):27-39


  • Friedrich O, Fink RHA,  von Wegner F (2010)
    "New factors contributing to dynamic calcium regulation in the skeletal muscle triad - a crowded place"
    Biophysical Rev. 2(1):29-38
  • Schürmann S, von Wegner F, Fink RH, Friedrich O, Vogel M (2010)
    "Second harmonic generation microscopy probes different states of motor protein interaction in myofibrils"
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  • von Wegner F, Fink RHA (2010)
    " Stochastic simulation of calcium microdomains in the vicinity of an L-type calcium channel"
    Eur Biophys J. 39(7):1079-88. Epub 2009 Jul 1
  • Fischer WB, Thiel G, Fink RH (2010)
    "Viral membrane proteins"
    Eur Biophys J . 39(7):1041-1042
  • Friedrich O., Both M., Weber C., Schürmann S., Teichmann M., v. Wegner F., Fink RHA., Vogel M., Chamberlaine JS., Garbe C (2010)
    "Microarchitecture is severely compromised but motor protein function preserved in dystrophic mdx skeletal muscle"
    Biophys J. 98(4):606-616


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    "New factors contributing to dynamic calcium regulation in the skeletal muscle triad - a crowded place"
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  • Friedrich O. (2009).
    "Muscle function and high hydrostatic pressures. Cellular mechanisms and implications for taxonomic environmental locomotion". Comparative High Pressure Biology. P. Sebert (ed.), Science Publishers Inc., Enfield, USA in press
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  • Friedrich O. (2008).
    Critical illness myopathy: sepsis-mediated failure of the peripheral nervous system.
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  • Völkers M, Loughrey CM, MacQuaide N, Remppis A, deGeorge B, Koch WJ, v Wegner F, Friedrich O, Fink RHA, Smith G & P Most (2007).
    S100A1 decreases calcium spark frequency and alters their spatial characteristics in permeabilized adult ventricular cardiomyocytes.
    Cell Calcium 41: 135-143.
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