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Image Processing

The acquisition of raw image series with a microscope system is usually followed by methods of image processing. On the one hand, the purpose can be an improvement of the image quality, like noise reduction or deconvolution. On the other hand it can be an automated analysis of the experimental data. In our group, the programming work is mainly done with IDL software (Interactive data language).

Model-based noise reduction

Improving the signal-to-noise ratio, e.g. by using wavelet transforms for the detection of calcium sparks from the background noise. To be filled...

Automated detection and analysis

Example: Development of a software to detect elementary calcium release events and analyze their frequency and morphology. To be filled...


A point source of light is displayed by the optics of a microscope in a characteristic way that is known as the "point spread function" (PSF). This PSF can be eather measured or calculated for the microscope system and then be used to compute undistorted data from the acquired images. The deconvolved images are clearer and less blurry. To be filled...